Season’s opener

Well the season has finally started. I was supposed to join the Just Basement crew on a OBX trip last weekend but it fell apart on my end. Glad to see the boys had some great times!

The Victoria avenue launch does not fire up very often but when it does, it does. This was one of those days. When I left work it was raining so much that I thought there would be no wind at all. Going 60Km/h on the Q just passing Jordan Harbour I saw whitecaps all around. Big Smiles!!

The launch there is not a very pleasant one with fluky winds and huge underwater boulders. To be on the safe side I decided to rig big with 5.8/95 quad. Big big mistake as it was howling out there. Came back as the other doc, adrian, rollling in and I rigged 4.3 and he 4.4.

Awesome times with clean waves on the outside with flat faces to jibe on. For the first time I thought of trying a backloop. Never did but the angle was good. Next time.

See you all on the water!

April 8 2015, Victoria Avenue